Which Wireless Headset is the Best?

Which Wireless Headset is the Best? I get this question A LOT! The answer is, “It depends”.

There are multiple variables to consider. What are those variables?

  • What are you connecting to?
    • Desk Phone
      • For Remote Answer/Hang Up does your phone support:
        • Handset Lifter or EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) Cable
      • PC/Laptop
        • Which softphone/UC platform?
        • Firmware upgradeable options available via software downloads (typically free)
          • Corporate software downloads available that supports the ability to push out updates company-wide remotely
            • Makes large deployments easier
          • Mobile device (Smartphone/Tablet)
            • Bluetooth
            • NFC
          • Combination? Which combination?
            • Desk Phone, PC & Mobile
            • Desk Phone & PC
            • Desk Phone & Mobile
            • PC & Mobile
            • Microsoft Lync Optimized

  • Which wearing style do you prefer?
    • Headband
      • Single ear
      • Dual ear
    • Neckband
    • Over the ear
    • Convertible

  • Wireless Frequency and Range
    • Wireless frequency
      • 9GHz DECT
      • Bluetooth
      • 900 MHz
      • A mix based on need and density concerns
    • Wireless range
      • Up to 33ft all the way up to 450ft
      • When it comes to wireless range – there are factors to consider
        • Building material, furniture, floor layout, density, other wireless interferences, etc.

Which Wireless Headset is the Best

  • Talk Time – most folks want a “full 8hrs” however the reality is, most normal office workers only spend 30min – 3hrs actually engaged in phone calls. Of course there are exceptions.
    • Talk times vary from model to model
    • Anywhere from up to 6hrs to infinite talk time (with hot swappable battery option)
  • Field Replaceable Battery
    • We have many “Do it Yourself” types that like the ability to order replacement batteries
  • Warranty
    • Industry standard is 1 year warranty for wireless headsets
    • Some brands offer 2 year warranty on their wireless
  • Multi-Shift?
    • Is there a need to support multiple shifts and/or desk sharing (hot desking)
  • Price
    • MSRP range from $149.95 – $449.95 per wireless headset

Which Wireless Headset is the Best

As you can see, there are many variables to consider when selecting a wireless headset. What is the “best” for one person may not necessarily be for another.

It’s important to work with a headset vendor with experience and knowledge in all these variables to help you find the right wireless headset for you.


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