What replaces the Jabra GO 6430 and GO 6470?

July 14, 2014

By Danny Hayasaka

The Jabra GO 6400 series have been deemed End of Life/Discontinued. So now what?

Fortunately Jabra has the new Motion Series available. The main differences in the GO 6400 series vs the Motion Series listed below:

  1. Wearing style
    1. GO 6400: Ear Hook, Headband, Neckband
    2. Motion: Wrap around the ear
    3. A2DP Streaming (profile that allows multimedia audio (i.e. music, GPS audio) to be streamed to headset
      1. Supported by Motion (Bluetooth 4.0)
      2. Not supported by GO 6400 (Bluetooth 2.1)
    4. NFC (Near Field Communication)
      1. Supported by Motion
      2. Not supported by GO 6400
    5. Talk Time/Standby time
      1. GO 6400 series up to 6hrs/Up to 100hrs
      2. Motion series up to 8hrs/Up to 360hrs
    6. Busy Indicator Light
      1. GO 6400 series do not support
      2. Motion
        1. Busy indicator light on headset
        2. Motion Office base has Busy Indicator Light port on base to support external Jabra Busylight Indicator.

Jabra GO 6400 series included the GO 6430 and GO 6470 both were UC compatible and optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator and Lync.

  • GO 6430 allowed you to pair to Mobile device and PC via USB Bluetooth dongle
  • GO 6470 allowed you to connect/pair to Desk Phone, PC and Mobile device


Jabra Motion Series includes the Jabra Motion UC, Motion UC+, Motion UC MS, Motion UC+ MS, Motion Office and Motion Office MS.

  • 6630-900-105 Jabra Motion UC – Mobile and PC connectivity
  • 6630-900-305 Jabra Motion UC MS – Optimized for Microsoft Lync – Mobile and PC connectivity
  • 6640-906-105 Jabra Motion UC+ with Travel Kit – Mobile and PC connectivity
  • 6640-906-305 Jabra Motion UC+ MS with Travel Kit – Optimized for Microsoft Lync – Mobile and PC connectivity
  • 6670-904-105 Jabra Motion Office – Desk Phone, PC and Mobile Connectivity
  • 6670-904-305 Jabra Motion Office MS – Optimized for Microsoft Lync – Desk Phone, PC and Mobile Connectivity

How you work, communicate and collaborate will determine which Jabra Motion is best for you. It’s strongly recommended you speak with device specialist to help guide you.

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