VXi BlueParrott Xpress Review

Dates: 5/22-5/23 2012

by Danny Hayasaka

Received the VXi BlueParrott Xpress, 5/22/12. It is “retail” packaged. Here is link to “unboxing” video posted on CallOneInc YouTube Channel: http://youtu.be/rYqN4SryqYE

What’s In the Box: Xpress headset with Ear Hook and Medium Eartip, Large and Small Ear Tip, USB Charging Cable, DC Car Charger.

First Impression: Larger than most “Bluetooth” headsets on the market however still pretty sleek looking. Extremely lightweight.

Wearing: Headset can be worn on the left or right ear. Easy to change ear hook. Still debating whether or not I like the ear tip.

Pairing: After charging via USB. I paired to my phone which was fairly simple to do. If headset is “off”, simply press the multi-function button (MFB) until light flashes blue rapidly. On my iPhone I navigated to Bluetooth menu and made certain iPhone Bluetooth function is “on” and “discoverable”. The option for the VXi Xpress appeared, I selected and Xpress and iPhone were paired. Fairly standard process.

Use: The headset does have voice prompt feature. For example you hear “Power On” when headset is turned on and “Discovering” when in pairing mode. “Power Off” when headset is shut off. I was eager to see how well the noise canceling mic worked. Up until now, the VXi B250-XT has the best noise canceling mic. I made a few phone calls plus left myself a message to “hear” how well the noise canceling mic worked. First I made call with car off. Next I started car and started driving. In city traffic, audio quality was great. Next I got on the highway. First I cranked up the stereo to all the way up to volume level 36 (Level 16-22 is a good strong volume level. 40 is max volume level for my car stereo). Next at speeds of 55+ MPH I lowered the windows in the car, first the driver’s side and then all four windows. Even with all the noise, the person on the other end was able to hear me just fine. They claim at they could hear that music was playing and could hear “wind” sounds however, when I spoke, they heard me just fine. I called left myself voice message. The noise canceling mic on the Xpress headset definitely works extremely well. Additionally, the speaker volume was good. I could hear the other caller fairly well in the extreme conditions.

Closing Comments: I would definitely recommend the VXi Xpress Bluetooth headset to anyone who requires a best in class noise canceling mic. I still believe the B250-XT has the best noise canceling mic however this is almost on the same level. The upside to the Xpress is that it offers a great nc mic in a much sleeker, more attractive form factor.

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