Voyager Legend, Voyager Legend UC or Voyager Legend CS?

July 8, 2014

By Danny Hayasaka

Plantronics produces some great communications and collaboration devices to include the Voyager Legend series, however, customers are often confused as to which model to order. For today’s blog, I’m going to do a quick break down of the differences.

It all starts with connectivity. What are you looking to connect/pair to?

If you are simply looking for a Bluetooth headset to pair with your mobile device (smartphone/tablet) the standard Voyager Legend (Plantronics Part# 87300-01 or 89880-01 includes case) will suffice.

In today’s world, folks have a need to connect to a mobile device and their PC/Laptop for web-based collaboration applications or VoIP softphone/UC platforms. The appropriate model would be the Voyager Legend UC (Standard UC version B235, 87670-01 or Microsoft Lync Optimized version B235-M, 87680-01) which includes Voyager Legend headset plus a USB Bluetooth dongle for PC/Laptop.

Then there are those who have office desk phones however, also have a mobile device. For this scenario, the appropriate device is the Voyager Legend CS (Plantronics Part# 88863-01 or 88863-11 with HL10 Handset Lifter) which includes a base that allows for connectivity to a desk phone. Both models support EHS Cables and HL10’s.






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