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Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UC ML – Product Review

July 29, 2014

By Danny Hayasaka

Sennheiser was here the other day and left me this little gem of a product, the Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UC ML.

What you get in the box: Headset, Dongle, USB charging stand, Safety guide, InCompliance leaflet, Quick guide

Set Up: Like most USB headsets today, it’s important to download Sennheiser software especially HeadSetUp and Sennheiser Updater. For connection to PC, insert USB dongle into USB port. Device drivers will install. Appears to automatically pair to USB dongle. Connect Charging Stand via USB to PC. Allow headset to charge

  • 40 min fast charge for 7.5hrs of talk time
  • 2hr 30 min complete charge cycle for 15hrs of talk time

You can check battery charge level by pressing multi-function button and voice prompt tells you “Above 10 hrs talk time”. You can also place headset on charge stand and watch the blue LED light. Red light blinks once if below 1hr talk time. Blue light blinks four times if above 10 hrs of talk time.

To pair to mobile device place headset into Bluetooth Pairing mode

  • Turn headset off by pressing multi-function button for like two seconds
  • Press and hold multi-function button until you hear “Pairing” about 6 seconds
  • Place mobile device into pairing mode
  • Select “Sennheiser MB Pro..”
  • Should pair right up

Pretty standard pairing procedure, you will hear voice prompt telling “Pairing successful” plus if paired to dongle it will let you know you are paired to dongle as well.

Volume and Mute Control Switch – forwards and back to increase/decrease volume. Press in to mute during call and press again to unmute.

Actual use: We use Microsoft Lync here so I was able to select Sennheiser from list of audio devices (I have several Lync devices connected to my PC) I made a few test calls via Lync and was surprised at the range I received. I can roam basically throughout our entire 2nd floor. Please note we have open floor plan except for a few offices around the perimeter and conf room in the middle. Audio quality was pretty poor in stairwell and when I went to the furthest corner of building. That was expected however, it did NOT disconnect the call.

Audio quality of standard call was really good and the noise canceling mic appears to work well and better than most standard NC mics.

Here’s where it gets good. The headset seems “to know” when you are streaming music and the volume level and audio quality seem to improve to support music. STREAMING MUSIC SOUNDS REALLY GOOD!!! As we know,  most Bluetooth headsets that support PC/Mobile connectivity (Voyager Legend UC, Motion UC, VoxStar UC, Presence UC)  are “single ear” and music sounds, “okay” at best when being streamed. Music pumping through both speakers is like being in your own little world at work. If a call comes through, you can answer. When you hang up, you go right back to the music. And…with the crazy battery life of the MB Pro 2, you are assured uninterrupted music and talking during your work day.

Conclusion: The Sennheiser MB Pro 2 is a nice addition to the Sennheiser portfolio. If you are an individual who requires dual connectivity (PC/Laptop and Mobile device), and wants to drown the outside world by streaming music or you just prefer dual ear coverage with a very good noise canceling mic, then the MB Pro 2 is for you. It comes in two variants:

  1. SEN-506045-006 Optimized for major softphone and UC brands, the headsets are designed for UC business professionals who demand wireless communication freedom, brilliant sound quality, and exceptional wearing comfort.
  2. SEN-506046-006 Optimized for Microsoft Lync, the headsets are designed for UC business professionals who demand wireless communication freedom, brilliant sound quality, and exceptional wearing comfort.