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Jabra Motion Office Review

We received the Jabra Motion Office about a month ago and I was so excited to review and  test this new multi-connectivity wireless offering by Jabra.

Two variants:

  1. 6670-904-105 Jabra Motion Office
  2. 6670-904-305 Jabra Motion Office MS – Optimized for Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business)

What you get in the box:  Jabra Motion headset, Touchscreen base, Wall Charger, Micro-USB cable (long), Telephone cable, Soft Pouch, Jabra Link 360 USB Bluetooth dongle (this is awesome as this makes for true UC device that can be used in the office, while commuting and at home or where ever you are), Ear Gels (S, M, L), Micro-USB cable (Short)

Jabra Motion Office ReviewJabra Motion Office Review


Set Up: In our Jabra Motion Office Review, before setting up I recommend downloading Jabra PC Suite (now Jabra Direct). Jabra PC Suite provides a nice Graphic User Interface (GUI) via your PC/Laptop and offers multiple options/settings. Because of the 2.4-inch color touchscreen, set up is nice and easy. Simply follow the prompts. Fortunately, I only have a PC and mobile phone to connect/pair to. However, I have set up PRO 9470 with desk phone in the past and it was easy as well. Basically set headset on charger base. Connect power to the wall. Connect the USB cable to PC and if you have phone connect the telephone cable to phone or it does support EHS cables and/or Handset Lifter. All ports on the touchscreen base are clearly labeled. For added feature, there is a slot for Online Indicator Light that comes in really handy.

Jabra Motion Office Review

Jabra Motion Office Review

Jabra Motion Office ReviewOnce set up, you have the option via Touchscreen or Jabra PC Suite GUI to adjust settings. For example, you may want to set it so when you undock headset it answers automatically.

Jabra Motion Headset: As I mentioned earlier the headset itself is comfortable. The speaker portion slides up and down for added comfort and custom fit. The mic boom is the “on/off” switch so you can clearly see if the headset is on or off. The volume adjustment is touch sensitive, merely stroke back of headset up or down to adjust volume. The answer/hang-up button is easily located right on the speaker portion or if available, utilizes voice activation. Also, there is a little button under the mic that allows you to activate voice commands. In addition to Bluetooth, the Jabra Motion also supports NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Also has “motion sensors” however not certain how/what that is for just yet. There is a “Busylight” indicator on the earpiece to show others if you are in a call. This is headset is just jam-packed with features. I’ll list more below…

Audio Quality: The audio quality was much better than expected. Manufacturers have really been stepping up their game when it comes to professional grade Bluetooth’s. I volume is loud enough and I can hear clearly. My transmit quality seems to be good as I haven’t had any complaints.

Talk Time: Jabra states up to 7hrs. I have been on back to back hour long conference calls plus many short calls throughout an 8hr day and the Jabra Motion has lasted.

Switching from mobile to PC calls is a snap via Touchscreen.

Conclusion: If you are a professional that would benefit by having one headset to connect/pair to multiple devices in and out of the office, the Jabra Motion Office is your solution.

Connect to your desk phone (supports EHS and/or Handset Lifter for remote answer/hang up feature), PC/Laptop via USB cable or included USB Bluetooth dongle AND your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The audio quality is very good and the Motion has enough talk time to make it through a busy day. The included soft pouch and spare micro-USB charging cable really comes in handy so you can keep your Motion charged in and out of the office.

I believe Jabra has a really great solution with the Jabra Motion Office.


  • ƒƒ Motion sensor technology
  • ƒƒ Power Nap for extended battery performance
  • ƒƒ Intelligent volume control
  • ƒƒ NFC technology
  • ƒƒ Volume touch controls
  • ƒƒ Voice controls
  • ƒƒ HD Voice and A2DP music streaming audio
  • ƒƒ Wireless freedom – Up to 100m/300ft
  • ƒƒ Noise Blackout™ 3.0
  • ƒƒ Wind noise protection
  • ƒƒ Jabra SafeTone™
  • ƒƒ Busylight indicator
  • ƒƒ Adjustable height for a perfect fit


  • ƒƒ4-inch color touchscreen
  • ƒƒ Desk phone, PC and Mac, and Bluetooth® mobile device connectivity
  • ƒƒ Touchscreen-guided setup for desk phone, PC and Mac, and mobile device connections
  • ƒƒ Touchscreen call control for all connected phones
  • ƒƒ On-screen caller ID (mobile devices, PC and Mac only)
  • ƒƒ Touchscreen Dial-pad (mobile devices and supported softphones only)
  • ƒƒ Headset recharge docking cradle

Jabra Link 265

We received the Jabra Link 265 USB Training-Y for Jabra QD Headsets a little while back however just now getting around to writing about it.

In the Box:  Jabra Link 265 USB Training-Y Cable with inline control, Jabra Link 265 Quick Start Guide

Jabra Link 265


Set Up: The Jabra Link 265 is very easy to set up. Just plug into USB port and you’re done. Connect two Jabra Headsets with Quick Disconnect (QD) like the new BIZ 2300 Series Headsets. The green birdband is for agent and the red is for supervisor.

Jabra Link 265

Use: Once you have Jabra Link 265 and headsets connected you are ready to use. The softphone/pc based application will determine whether or not you will have call control via inline control. I have Microsoft Lync (now Microsoft Skype for Business) and was able to answer/hang up, adjust speaker volume and mute. One of the cooler features of this Jabra device is that you have the option to mute the supervisor headset and place it in listen only mode. Or, you can have both headset wearers receive and transmit.

Jabra Link 265

The audio quality was very good on my end as well as to the folks I called.

Conclusion: This Jabra solution is a must have for contact centers or any organization that requires supervisor or “buddy” training in a softphone environment. To date, there is no such thing as a training-y for USB headsets (It’s a PC/USB thing – only recognizes one audio path at a time). This is a much cleaner solution. Currently customers need two QD headsets, Training-Y and QD to USB Adapter to accommodate training. For those who have done this understand that is a LOT OF CABLE all over the place. This is a much, much cleaner solution; just two Jabra QD headsets and the Jabra Link 265 USB Training-Y. Very awesome product and solution!

BIZ 2300 USB Duo

BIZ 2300 USB Duo MS Review

Unboxing: The BIZ 2300 USB Duo comes packaged in one of the space-saving Jabra boxes. The headset is inside a Styrofoam-like bag. Included is a Quick Start Guide and Warranty info.

Headset: I happen to be evaluating the dual ear version that is Microsoft Lync optimized. Automatically eyes are drawn to the ear cushions/speakers as they are different than most current headsets on market in terms of shape. The headband is also contoured and unlike most current headsets. The speakers swivel to lay flat plus they swivel up and down slightly to contour to ear. One of the coolest things is the 360-degree rotating boom.  The microphone can be easily positioned to correct spot.

BIZ 2300 USB DuoBIZ 2300 USB Duo



USB Inline Control: The USB inline control is pretty nice. Big, pronounced buttons allow you to easily control: Mute, Volume, Answer/Hang Up as well as Hold button that places call “on hold” and resumes call. My complaint with this is the same as for ALL the other USB headset manufacturers. The inline control is too far down the cable which when sitting, places the control just above my ankle. This makes it challenging to easily use. Additionally, no lapel clip so I can’t clip the cable to help keep the inline control up higher in a more manageable position. For now, I wrap cable behind my neck.

BIZ 2300 USB Duo

Comfort: it’s a really comfortable headset, fits nicely.

Set Up: Set up was fairly straight forward. I took USB cable and connected to an open USB port on my PC tower. Appropriate drivers were installed and headset becomes Audio Device you can select via Microsoft Lync client.

It also becomes a device that can be managed via Jabra PC Suite:

Audio Quality: The audio quality is very good. The speakers provide a nice clean, clear sound. The transmit levels appear to be good. I haven’t received any complaints in reference to transmit. The mic seems to be sensitive and “on” all the time because if I breathe it seems to pick it up.

Summary: I’ve only used a few days now but so far so good. I had initially received a non-Lync version (standard UC model) and I experienced issues connecting calls. Either it wouldn’t answer or I couldn’t hear the person on the other end once call did connect. I still continue to experience not being able to hear caller immediately on some calls. It seems to be a sporadic issue that is corrected by placing calls on hold and resuming the call. Other than that, BIZ 2300 USB Duo MS is working well.

Update 10/18/13: I was able to correct the issue of the lag/delay by going into my PC Control Panel –> Hardware & Sounds –> Setting BIZ 2300 as “Default” Playback and Recording. After I did that I had no further issues. I found the headset to be very comfortable enough for all-day wear. Unlike its competitors, I did enjoy the “Hold” button/feature BIZ 2300 USB offered.



Review of Jabra Link 850

Review of Jabra Link 850

This is our review of the review of the  Jabra Link 850. The Link 850 is a new amplifier/switcher box that allows you to connect to a PC and Desk Phone. In our case we are connected to a Polycom CX600 phone plus our Microsoft Lync (Now Jabra Direct) client online.

What’s In the Box: Link 850, Jabra QD to Modular Lightweight Coil Cable, USB Cable, Telephone Interface Cable, Switch Cover with Screw, Secondary Locking Cover


Review of Jabra Link 850

Set Up: Set up was fairly simple following the included Quick Start Guide. I connected the USB cable my PC. Next I connected the QD cable and then the telephone interface cable to telephone. Because I will primarily be making Lync calls via my PC I switched the Telephone to PC switch to the PC icon. Not certain having the Telephone/PC switch on the underside of the Link 850 is the best placement. The switch should be on top where it can be easily accessed. The handset/headset switch is prominently located on the top portion of the Link 850.

Review of Jabra Link 850

Use: In our Review of Jabra Link 850 we made initial test call using a GN2025-NC headset. The sound quality on my end was really good. I had to decrease the volume which was simple via the large scroll volume control directly on top of base. Our voice platform is Microsoft Lync 100% of calls run through my PC. That meant there is no need to transfer between phone and PC. I like the large mute button. In call centers that is a “must have” feature. You can easily see if you are muted or not.

I have multiple Lync optimized devices connected to PC to include Polycom CX600, Jabra PRO 9470, Plantronics Calisto P830-M and Plantronics Savi 740-M. Although I selected Link 850 as audio device. When calls came in, they would route to the PRO 9470. If I made a call, it would go through the Link 850 & GN2025.

I watch multiple videos online. After going to control panel on PC and selecting the Link 850 as default audio device, PC audio from videos would automatically default to the Link 850/GN2025.

Audio Quality: The audio quality of receive and transmit were very good. I had no complaints in terms of my transmit volume or quality. The speaker/receive quality was really good. As I mentioned earlier, I had to initially turn down the volume.

Comments: I like the smaller form factor/footprint. I like the secondary headset port for training purposes. A concern some folks may have is that when using two headsets on Link 850, neither headset wearer can hear the other headset wearer. Both can hear the caller and the caller can hear both persons. Will the inline mute switch work in this scenario? Customers will ask. Will standard Training-Y cables work?

Call Center Agents with limited workstation space will appreciate this smaller Link 850. I didn’t really read the instructions (as most folks will not) so I don’t know what the other two switches do. There is a switch with an icon of a music note and “OFF”. There is another switch with what appears to be an icon of a head wearing headphones and “OFF”. Just by looking, I don’t what those switches do. For the music note I assumed “streaming music” but I’m not certain. Then there is the circular cover with the icons of a closed and open lock. I opened it to see what was under cover. Just by looking, Still not certain what the purpose is nor what the second circular cover is for.

I have access to USB ports however, there are call centers and companies that don’t give their employees access to USB ports due to security issues. That causes concern in reference to power. There is optional USB AC Adapter connection available.

Conclusion: I like the direction Jabra is headed in terms of reducing size of amp while adding more functionality capability. Removing battery cost factor is going to be a benefit to many organizations. Removing the need for AC power is also a benefit in organizations that don’t have AC outlets available. Of course regardless of what you do to an amplifier, the fact remains the audio quality must be on point and the Link 850 delivers with great audio quality in both receive and transmit. There are some concerns and issues that I would like to see ironed out before firm decision is made to replace GN8000 and GN8050-TCA. I don’t have any pricing so I couldn’t offer feedback in that regard.

Jabra PRO 930

Jabra PRO 930

Model: Jabra PRO 930 USB (930-65-503-105) Optimized for Microsoft Skype for Business

Jabra PRO 930

Set Up

Set up is fairly simple. There are only two cables to connect; the AC power to outlet or power strip and USB cable to PC or laptop USB port. Additionally, I have Jabra PC Suite installed (which is now Jabra Direct).


We have Microsoft Lync (now Microsoft Skype for Business) so the PRO 930 was recognized once connected to USB port and became one of my device choices (I also have PRO 9470, Savi 740 and CX600 connected to the same PC). I charged for about an hour before I began to use.

 Jabra PC Suite (Now Jabra Direct)

Wearing Styles

I wore the Jabra PRO 930 headband style. It’s comfortable. Pretty standard headband fit. Replaced to ear hook for today. Changing from headband to ear hook was fairly simple. Snap off the headband and snap on ear hook. I personally am not a fan of over-the-ear. So far it’s comfortable. I’ll see how it feels after a full day of wear. Changing wearing from right to left ear was also fairly easy. May want to consider including instructions on how to change ear hook from right to left ear. A first-time headset wearer may not know you can pull the ear hook off and I didn’t see anything in the hard copy Quick Start Guide.

Sound Quality

I have made and taken calls on the Jabra PRO 930. The speaker volume is good. You do have to remember where the “+” and “-“ keys are depending on whether you are wearing it on the right or left ear. If on right ear “+” is the top button. If on left, it’s the bottom button.  The transmission volume and sound is good. I did have one instance where I “cut out” for a brief moment. For now, we’re attributing that to the internet connection. It hasn’t happened since. The noise-canceling microphone is sufficient for my work environment. It suppresses background noise.


I don’t have exact range, however, I am able to roam around the entire 2nd floor of our office without losing the call or the sound quality degrading on the Jabra PRO 930. From my desk to the end of one corner of our building is about 60ft. It’s about 90ft-110ft to the other corner of our office.


It’s a clean design with a small footprint that doesn’t take up much desktop real estate. I have worn now for a few days both headband and over the ear style. Both styles are relatively comfortable but I prefer headband style and is comfortable and light enough to be worn for an 8hr work day. I’ve only had a few days so I can’t answer to durability but so far so good.


Overall the Jabra PRO 930 appears to be a very good product. It’s easy to set up, use and operate. It’s comfortable and light enough to be worn all day. The Jabra PRO 930 tested comes in at $285.00.