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What’s the difference between ANC and NC?

By Danny Hayasaka

August 14, 2019

Every day I hear customers requesting “ANC” or “NC” headsets. Some know the difference however many don’t. It’s kind of like “Bluetooth”. To some, “Bluetooth” simply means “wireless”. Whether it’s DECT, 2.4Ghz, 900Mhz is irrelevant to them. They want a “Bluetooth (Wireless)” headset. For this blog, I’m talking about headsets for professional use by Poly (formerly Plantronics), Jabra & Sennheiser.

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New ear hook give Sennheiser wireless headsets a whole new feel…

May 17, 2016

By Danny Hayasaka

One major complaint customers had who have used Sennheiser wireless headsets is the over-the-ear wearing style just wasn’t good.

Sennheiser has introduced a new ear hook accessory HSA 20 that is designed to offer an improved, flexible and perfect fit to the already existing SD Office and D10 wireless headsets.

A click-on adapter fitting the SD Office and D10 headsets is used for mounting the new improved ear hook featuring a soft leatherette sleeve.

Improved noise isolation and a secure fit are offered with in-ear earbuds in three different sizes (S, M, L) that are mounted on the adapter for the perfect individual fit and optimal wearing comfort.

I was fortunate enough to actually get some of these hooks to test for myself. Of course, I couldn’t write or talk about my experience until now.

Initial thoughts… why didn’t they do this sooner? I’m not huge over the ear fan but I tell you what… this was a very comfortable fit. The SD Office and D10 headsets are super light as it is, the stability this new ear hook accessory HSA 20 offered was very nice.

It’s funny how when people test wearing style stability people shake their heads around like they’re at a metal concert but really? Who does that in an office environment? Don’t answer that. I did bend over to pick something up off the floor and other normal daily movements. The headset stayed in place.

I was able to wear all day comfortably. Really like the soft leatherette sleeve. You don’t think it makes that big a difference, but it does.


And yes you can easily switch out the hook for right or left ear wear.

If you have a Sennheiser SD Office or D10 wireless headset but weren’t too keen on the over the ear wearing style… you may want to consider the new ear hook accessory HSA 20.

Is there a Training-Y for USB Headsets?

By Danny Hayasaka

November 18, 2015

Even though I’ve mentioned it several times, I still get asked fairly regularly by our reps and customers. “Is there a Training-Y for USB Headsets?”, “Is there any way to connect two USB headsets to one USB port for training purposes?” or “Is there a USB splitter we use to connect two USB headsets so both headset users can hear and be heard?”

The answer is no. It’s not a USB headset manufacturer thing, it’s a PC thing. A PC only recognizes one audio path and device. For instance, I have several USB audio devices connected to my PC however, I can only use one at a time for voice calls and for streaming audio.

For Lync/SfB calls I can select audio device I want. For audio from PC I go into my Control Panel, go to Sound and select the audio device and set as my default.

Believe me, I have tried to “trick” the system by using a multi-USB adapter but was unsuccessful.

If you are an organization that utilizes softphones and requires “buddy jacks”, “peer training”, needs to have two individuals be able to listen and talk in real time to the same call…you can’t do it with a hardwired USB headset. Again, it’s not a USB headset manufacturer issue, it’s PC thing. I believe the same is true of Mac iOS, I’ll have to confirm when I get home.

For now the only device that allows TWO headsets to connect to one USB port for training purposes is the Jabra Link 265 with two Jabra QD headsets.

To my knowledge, this is currently the only option. If anyone knows of any other way to connect TWO USB hardwired headsets into a PC so both can receive/transmit via same call, please share.