Plantronics MDA200 – Kind of a cool product

By Danny Hayasaka

December 10, 2014

The Plantronics MDA200 is a product that not many folks seem to know about, however, in many cases, it’s the exact thing you need.

It’s a very versatile product that allows multi-connectivity to desk phones and PCs. You may say there are tons of products that do this. You are correct. What makes the MDA200 special is that you can take a USB headset and use it with your desk phone (and PC). You can use a Blackwire USB headset or a Plantronics QD headset and DA USB adapter.

The cool thing is you can also use the BT300 USB Dongle and pair your Plantronics Bluetooth headset (like the Voyager Legend UC) and use the same headset for your Desk Phone, PC and Mobile device.

Additionally, the MDA200 supports the Plantronics Handset Lifter and EHS Cables.

The MDA200 is just a cool device that may support how you work and communicate.

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