NEW EncorePro Digital Series – What are the main changes?

By Danny Hayasaka

November 21, 2016

Plantronics introduced their new Plantronics EncorePro Digital Series, EncorePro USB Series headsets and the DA90 USB to 6pin QD adapter. I finally got my hands on some. To see what they are all about.

These are all the current available EncorePro variants:

At first glance they look like exactly like the current EncorePro Series variants so what’s the difference? What are the main changes?


  • Digital Memory
    • Model Number
    • Serial Number
    • Headset Inventory management support when used with Plantronics Manager Pro software (subscription service)
  • 6 Pin QD Connector (EncorePro Digital variants)
  • True Stereo for binaural models

One of the main points you need to be aware of is that currently, the NEW EncorePro Digital Series have a 6-Pin QD which currently only connects to DA90.

There are some accessories coming that will allow end-users to connect standard EncorePro Series to DA90 (4 to 6 Pin Adapter) and NEW EncorePro Digital series to connect to DA70/80 (6 to 4 pin adapter). Plus there is a 6-Pin Training-Y Cable on the way.

More and more companies are adopting/deploying softphones or web-based collaboration tools that require USB headsets. Someone has to support those devices. Because of the applications/platforms being used, it typically falls on IT to manage and support those assets.

I think Plantronics is on the right track as they look forward. These new EncorePro Digital Series along with the DA90 and Plantronics Manager Pro empowers IT Managers with easy-to-use tools to monitor, manage, and maintain every Plantronics headset across the enterprise.


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