Jabra Link 265 – Review

By Danny Hayasaka

March 19, 2014

Received Jabra Link 265 USB Training-Y for Jabra QD Headsets a little while back however just now getting around to writing about it.

In the Box:  Link 265 USB Training-Y Cable with inline control, Jabra Link 265 Quick Start Guide


Set Up: Easy. Plug into USB port. Connect two Jabra Headsets with Quick Disconnect (QD) like the new BIZ 2300 Series Headsets. The green birdband is for agent and the red is for supervisor.

Use: Once you have Jabra Link 265 and headsets connected you are ready to use. The softphone/pc based application will determine whether or not you will have call control via inline control. I have Microsoft Lync and was able to answer/hang up, adjust speaker volume and mute. One of the cooler features of this device is that you have the option to mute the supervisor headset and place it in listen only mode. Or, you can have both headset wearers receive and transmit.

The audio quality was very good on my end as well as to the folks I called.

Conclusion: This is a must have for contact centers or any organization that requires supervisor or “buddy” training in a softphone environment. To date, there is no such thing as a training-y for USB headsets (It’s a PC/USB thing – only recognizes one audio path at a time). This is a much cleaner solution. Currently customers need two QD headsets, Training-Y and QD to USB Adapter to accommodate training. For those who have done this understand that is a LOT OF CABLE all over the place. This is a much, much cleaner solution; just two Jabra QD headsets and the Jabra Link 265 USB Training-Y. Very awesome product/solution!!!

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