Jabra Evolve 75

Jabra Evolve 75

It’s no secret that noise and interruptions negatively impact productivity. Especially in open office environments. The chatter from neighboring colleagues can sometimes be too much when you are trying to complete a project. Enter the Jabra Evolve 75.

This wireless headset comes in four variants:

Jabra Evolve 75

What’s in the box (Charging Stand Variant): Quick Start Guide, Jabra Evolve 75 headset, Jabra Link 370 USB adapter, charging stand*, protective travel case, USB cord (allowing for use while charging)

Set Up and Use on PC: Setting up the Evolve 75 was very simple. Please note microphone can only be worn on the right side. First, charge unit 2.5hrs. Download Free Jabra Direct software (Individual desktop), Jabra Suite for Mac or Jabra Xpress (mass deployment). Plug Jabra Link 370 USB dongle to a PC USB port (allow device drivers to install). Turn on the Jabra Evolve 75 headset. Should connect almost immediately. You can adjust settings via Jabra Direct:

Jabra Evolve 75

You can also check the status of Link 370 Dongle via Jabra Direct.

To pair to a mobile device via Bluetooth. First, go to your mobile device Bluetooth menu and place into discovery mode. Slide and hold on/off/Bluetooth switch on Evolve 75 to Bluetooth symbol for 3 seconds to place Evolve 75 into pairing mode. Select Jabra Evolve 75. You should be “Connected”.

To mute Evolve 75 simply lift boom arm up. There’s a little button with microphone icon on right speaker towards the top. When I pressed this button, it activated Siri on my Apple iPhone.

Active Noise Cancellation button allows you to eliminate unwanted background noise. The Listen-in feature allows you to listen to your surroundings without taking your headset off. To activate “Listen-in”, press button on the left speaker.

There is an integrated busy light that kicks on when you are in a call. It’s important to educate employees and inform them that when lit up red, the person is “busy” and should not be disturbed. You can manually activate busy light by pressing volume up/down buttons simultaneously. If you are not on a call but need to concentrate. I’ve toured some “open office” environments and a solution like the Evolve 75 is a must in many use cases.




Jabra Noise Guide

Jabra Noise Guide

Open offices are great for improved team work and collaboration however with that comes an increase in noise! Yes, sometimes your colleagues become your biggest distractions. Jabra introduces the Jabra Noise Guide with SoundEar®3 software as a way to reduce distracting noise in your office. It’s a portable device that monitors noise levels and provides visual feedback so coworkers are more aware immediately that they may be distracting others.

There are three light color schemes:

  • Green = acceptable noise levels
  • Yellow = warning noise levels are getting high
  • Red = unacceptable noise levels
  • (Of course it can work in reverse if you want higher noise levels ie. Sales Floor, Green could indicate not enough noise going on)

The SoundEar software for the Jabra Noise Guide defaults to preset “Noisy Office” noise levels. You can also select from “Normal Office” to “Quiet Office” depending on acceptable level of noise in your space. Additionally you can customize and set it to what is best for your office.

The Jabra Noise Guide includes: Noise Guide, USB Key with software, Power Adapter with EU, US & UK plugs, USB Adapter Cable (A-plug to micro-B).

Your office environment will determine whether you obtain a Table Stand or Cubicle Mount.

How does the Jabra Noise Guide work?

Noise Guide provides you with 2 types of measurements, simultaneously. The ear symbol indicates the state of the current noise level while the LED panel at the bottom of the device indicates the average noise level over the past 15 minutes.

Software Setup

You will find the software on the included USB Key. When you have installed the software, make sure to check for software updates to ensure that you are always updated with the latest version.

With the Jabra Noise Guide, you have three standard settings to choose from:

  1. Noisy Office (Default)
    1. The device is lit green when the noise level is below 60 dB.
    2. The device is lit yellow when the noise level ranges from 60 dB to 70 dB.
    3. The device is lit red when the noise level exceeds 70 dB.Normal Office
  2. Normal Office
    1. The device is lit green when the noise level is below 55 dB.
    2. The device is lit yellow when the noise level ranges from 55 dB to 65 dB.
    3. The device is lit red when the noise level exceeds 65 dB.
  3. Quiet Office
    1. The device is lit green when the noise level is below 50 dB.
    2. The device is lit yellow when the noise level ranges from 50 dB to 60 dB.
    3. The device is lit red when the noise level exceeds 60 dB.
  4. Customized Settings
    1. Allows you to customize settings

Jabra Noise Guide


There are many options from this GUI in addition to Quick Setup for the Jabra Noise Guide:

  • Setup
    • Device Info
    • Light Settings
    • User Manual
    • About Jabra Noise Guide
  • Measurement Data
    • Live Measurment
    • Measurement Library
    • Import Data From USB

Jabra Noise Guide

You can now review for peak noisiest hours and depending on where you position units, you can pinpoint which areas of your office are noisiest and when.

I think this is a really cool tool for any business looking to monitor noise levels in their office space.

To learn more about the Jabra Noise Guide, go to http://www.jabra.com/business/office-headsets/jabra-noise-guide

How to show co-workers Your Status

Are you busy? How to show co-workers your status

Are you wondering how to show co-workers your status if you’re working in office or even working from home to avoid distractions? Before we added our Kuando Omega Busylights it was somewhat chaotic. As most know who follow this blog, we are 100% Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business. First thing to go were our desk phones as folks opted for headsets or USB speakerphones.

However we had some issues. Because we actively sell multiple devices from various manufacturers, we have a mix of Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser, Logitech, VXi, and Microsoft headsets. Not all brands offer “online indicator lights” and the ones that do, all look different.

The Jabra busy light only works with certain Jabra Wireless Headset models. The same is true for the Plantronics brand. What if employee had corded headset or a brand other than Plantronics and Jabra?

How to show co-workers Your StatusHow to show co-workers Your Status

I had tested the Kuando Busylight and it was pretty sweet. It was USB so it was headset/device brand agnostic. Not only did it indicate if you were online or not, it also showed your Microsoft Lync Presence status. Available (Green) – Do Not Disturb (Purple) – Busy (Red) and Away (Yellow)

How to show co-workers Your Status

One issue…light was too small. You had to be right up a person to see their status. Then I learned about the Kuando Omega busylight which was exactly what we were looking for. Bigger light that can be seen from a distance.

How to show co-workers Your Status

They are so much more than online indicator lights that show Presence status.

Skype for Business

1st class designed software

How to show co-workers Your Status

Never miss a call

  • Rings and/or flashes on incoming calls
  • Adjustable volume

Message waiting indication

  • Notification alert on missed calls/IMs
  • Flashes every 4 sec. to indicate a missed call

Presence indication

  • Avoids interruptions while on a call or busy
  • Lights up your Lync/SfB presence to inform nearby colleagues if you are available or not

Lync Call Handling tools – valuable hot keys

  • Fast dial out – copy phone number and press hot key.
  • Answer call – press hot key to answer/end call
  • Busy on busy –redirect a 2nd call to destination for unanswered calls (call group/voice mail/?) (If you are on the phone, and someone else is calling you – what happens?)

Now I can look out across the sales floor and “see” everyone’s presence status. We even got creative and affixed lights above private office doors so people coming to our office can “see” if we are available or not.


If you are in a UC environment that is supported by Kuando and are curious on how to show co-workers your status this may be an option for you to consider.

Click here for more info on Kuando Busylight UC – Implementation