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Keep your BlueParrott headset up-to-date
with the latest firmware from BlueParrott Software.

The BlueParrott Updater is a free software program enabling your headset firmware to be updated with the latest functionality. Simply install the Updater on your computer; connect the headset to the computer with a USB cable; and click “Update”.


  • Update your headset
  • Simple user interface
  • Check for updates
  • Free to download and use
BlueParrott Product with Updater

Download BlueParrott Updater Supporting documents

Download: Updater installation instructions

Download: Updating your Headset with Updater


BlueParrott App

The ideal companion for your BlueParrott headset

BlueParrott push to talk

Get the most from your headset with the free BlueParrott App.
Whether you work in transportation, field service, retail or other high-noise environments, the app offers a range of productivity-boosting features.
The integrated push-to-talk network application lets you communicate with one person, a group, or all your contacts—without using plan minutes1.
You can customize your Parrott ButtonTM for fast access to a range of functions, like mute (default), speed dial, push-to-talk, and more—right from your mobile device.
You can also have your texts read to you through your headset, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road.
With instant access to tech support and headset user guides, the App offers immediate assistance when you need it.

  1. Through MySayTM or third parties like AT&T and Verizon ePPT
  2. Applies to those BlueParrott headsets with a Parrott Button, such as B550-XT, B450-XT, B350-XT, C400-XT, C300-XT and S450-XT.)
  3. Using Android OS. The iPhone uses Siri for text-to-speech. SMS Reader requires an A2DP-capable headset, including B550-XT, B450-XT, B350-XT, B250-XTS, C400-XT, C300-XT and S450-XT.


  • Push-to-talk without using mobile plan minutes This free walkie-talkie capability uses Dial2Do’s MySayTM network or third parties like AT&T and Verizon ePPT. Ideal for those who need to communicate with teams operating in warehouse, retail or hospitality settings. Simply choose the Get Started option in the app to enable for push-to-talk.
  • Boost productivity using the Parrott Button Program your Parrott Button from your mobile device. Get fast access to your favorite features such as mute, speed dial and more, to control the headset your way. Applies to headsets with a Parrott Button, such as B550-XT, B450-XT, B350-XT, C400-XT, C300-XT and S450-XT.
  • Hear text messages for safer hands-free working Hear text messages in your headset. For Android phones, the SMS Reader reads incoming text messages through your headset. (A2DP-enabled headset required, including B550-XT, B450-XT, B350-XT, B250-XTS, C400-XT, C300-XT and S450-XT). The iPhone uses Siri for text-to-speech.
  • Easy set up and ongoing support Like all BlueParrott software, the app is easy to use. Get started and access support when you need it. Instructions help you to easily pair your headset and smartphone quickly. The app also offers instant access to user guides and tech support when you need assistance.
  • The Sound Check function lets you know how you sound to others and checks that your headset is working correctly.
  • The app offers one-click access to social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • Easily invite your contacts to use the app.
  • Free, from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

*SMS Reader requires an A2DP-capable headset like the B350-XT, B250-XT+, Reveal, Point, or Xpressway II.