Plantronics Savi 8220 – DECT Wireless Headset with ANC

By Danny Hayasaka

November 12, 2018

Plantronics has added the Savi 8200 Series to their lineup.

This solution is recommended for the connected executive, office collaborator and contact center supervisor who need to collaborate across multiple communication platforms (desk phone, softphone and mobile phone). They need a single headset system to seamlessly manage calls with the added flexibility to roam more freely in the enterprise office or contact center, focus in noisy environments with active noise canceling (ANC) and maintain the best audio on both sides of the call.

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Business Desktop Video Solutions

By Danny Hayasaka

September 18, 2018

More and more organizations are deploying desktop video to help improve the quality and productivity of meetings. We’ve all been in audio conference calls where two or more of you begin to speak simultaneously. Time is wasted as you attempt to get back on track with the “Oh sorry, go ahead”… “Oh no, you go”… “no, no, no you go”

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Plantronics Blackwire 3200 Series

By Danny Hayasaka

September 5, 2018

Plantronics Blackwire 3200 Series replace the very popular Plantronics Blackwire 300 Series. There are some apparent cosmetic changes like the new “Lava” cable and accents. Some of the variants include folding speakers along with leatherette ear cushions and 3.5mm connection option. Also…like the Voyager 3200 UC, Voyager 5200 UC, Voyager 8200 UC and Blackwire 5200 Series.

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Plantronics Calisto 7200

By Danny Hayasaka

August 28, 2018

Plantronics introduced a new member to their Calisto speakerphone family. The Calisto 7200 UC.

Like other new solutions Plantronics is producing, there aren’t “Microsoft” and “UC” variants. The Plantronics Calisto 7200 is certified for Skype for Business. Built for UC applications and softphones from Avaya, Cisco, Skype and others.

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Calisto 7200 USB and Bluetooth Premium Speakerphone

By Danny Hayasaka

I’ve been using the Plantronics Calisto 7200 Speakerphone for several weeks now. It’s much better than the Calisto P610 and P620 in terms of audio quality for voice calls and streaming music.

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How do you choose the right headsets for your organization? Part III

Series by Danny Hayasaka

In Part I of this series we discussed who the top headset manufacturers are and why. In Part II we covered why it’s important to choose an Authorized Partner. Now…let’s get into it. How do you choose the right headsets for your organization?

Back in the day, it was so simple; Plug Prong or Multipurpose Amp, single ear, dual ear or convertible wearing style headset. That’s it.

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How do you choose the right headsets for your organization? Part II

Series by Danny Hayasaka


In Part I of this series I listed reasons why Plantronics, Jabra and Sennheiser are currently the leaders in the headset space.

Now I want to focus on choosing the right partner/vendor/reseller. Every headset brand/model is available via the interwebz. If you are looking for one or two headsets and don’t value service or support, take a chance online.

If you value your role and want to do what’s best for your company keep reading.

Most enterprise customers have complex voice, video and collaboration landscapes along with budgets and deadlines. They can’t take a chance and certainly can’t make decisions willy-nilly.

You’ll want to choose a vendor who offers a true partnership. They value your role and will help guide you through the myriad of options so you select the right compatible devices, stay within budget and meet deadlines.

It’s important you start your search by looking for “Authorized” Partners. In the early days, pretty much anyone could be an “Authorized Partner/Reseller”. The internet especially helped give rise to literally thousands of headset vendors. Some “authorized” however many not.

These days the headset manufacturers are becoming more discriminating of “who” is representing, promoting, offering and supporting their brand.

Beyond being able to sell a certain volume, headset manufacturers are now requiring partners to complete various certifications for UC, Contact Center, SMB, SaaS, etc. and a list of other pre-requisites and requirements to ensure their partners are committed to providing end-user customers with the best possible overall solution and experience.

Each manufacturer provides a list of “Authorized” partners on their websites to help end-users validate status of vendors and/or certifications they poses.

Depending on partner, some have direct relationships with headset manufacturer field sales teams, inside sales teams, tech support teams and even leadership teams. This is extremely important especially for larger organizations and enterprises. Having that added layer of service and support can be very helpful.

Since I’m writing this blog I’ll go ahead and plug Call One, Inc. J

First, Call One, Inc. has been in the headset industry for over 30 years and we believe in the fundamental principle that people do business with people. Our passion is helping people do their business better.

In 1987 Call One, Inc. started selling four brands: Plantronics, GN Netcom, Unex and ACS. Our portfolio has expanded to include hundreds of best in class brands for the business communications and collaboration space, however our main area of expertise is headsets. Call One, Inc. is authorized for all the major brands: Plantronics, Jabra and Sennheiser. We are also partnered with and can provide headsets from: Logitech, Cisco, Microsoft, ClearOne, Addasound, JPL, and more. Our Sales and Customer Service Teams are required to complete individual certifications and recertify as needed. Call One, Inc. Sales Reps typically have two to five different headset models at their desks at any given time as they test multiple models. I personally do my best to test every new model that is introduced by the leading headset manufacturers plus post videos to our CallOneInc YouTube Channel

I approach each new headset (product) in the same manner:

  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • Most Importantly: Why should anyone give a shit?
    • How does this benefit customers?
    • What known or unknown problems does it solve?
    • What gaps does this bridge?
    • Are there current, less expensive options that can do the same thing?

I have the fortune of traveling to see first-hand how the products are being used. I’ve been to small one-man offices, boiler rooms, dispatch centers, contact centers with five to thousands of agents, cubicle jungles, open office spaces, training rooms, private offices and everything in between.

I’ve asked end-users questions about their daily activities, how they use headsets today and what they would like to see. Typically customers don’t know what they don’t know. Often times there are headset solutions that exist today that would make their lives easier.

The challenge is, they’re unaware. Some customers continue ordering what they’ve been ordering until they can’t. Why? Most customers don’t have time nor resources to research every single brand and model of headset that is available. Many don’t even know where to start. It can be overwhelming.

This is why it’s important to choose an authorized partner/vendor/reseller that is a subject matter expert in this space. If they are Authorized Partners for all major brands like Call One, Inc., that’s a strong benefit for you. This typically allows them to offer unbiased recommendations. They can help customers save time and money by narrowing down the options or guiding them to the right solution.

Plus most authorized partners are aware of special incentives, promos and programs that can be extremely beneficial to customers.

Now you know the top headset manufacturers and the importance of going with an authorized partner. We can now get to why I’m writing this series to begin with, choosing the right headset for your organization. Part III coming soon…

How do you choose the right headsets for your organization? Part I

Series by Danny Hayasaka


Having been in this industry for over 19 years I’ve had the opportunity to see the evolution of headsets. Some dismiss headsets as commodities however they are becoming increasingly critical to an organizations business processes and their overall business communications and collaboration strategies.

The headset is how your company’s voice is transmitted to the world. In addition to customers and partners, clear communications are also important internally amongst peers and colleagues. More emphasis should be placed on selecting the right headset if listening to your customers and being able to be heard clearly matters to you and your business.

In the world of business grade headset manufacturers, there are three main players (Plantronics, Jabra, and Sennheiser) with Plantronics and Jabra currently dominating the space globally.

They are the top vendors for these reasons:

  • Global presence
    • All three brands are available to customers globally through distributors and channel partners in their perspective regions.
    • Global, National and Territory reps
  • Compatibility with all major voice, UC, Contact Center, and collaboration platforms
    • All three manufacturers work hand in hand with the major platform providers to offer solutions that are compatible and include features and functions end users need for optimal experience
  • Service
    • Warranty service (1-3 year coverage) is available depending on brand and model
    • Varying turnaround options available
    • Additional services available for large and global enterprise customers
  • Support
    • Pre- and Post-Sales Support available directly and through channel partners
    • Demo/Eval/Proof of Concept units
    • Wireless Density Surveys
    • Mass deployment support
    • Onsite support
  • Accessories
    • Doesn’t seem like that big a deal, however, “shit happens”. The AC Adapter for your multi-connectivity wireless headset has an unfortunate vacuum cleaner incident which renders your headset useless. It’s important that you are able to purchase a replacement.
    • Some organizations “share” headsets. The ability to issue each employee their own set of ear cushions and headset cleaning towelettes is important
    • What about training-y’s, replacement interface cables, mic screens, voice tubes, charging cables, USB cables, ear tips, etc
  • Large Portfolio
    • One size does NOT fit all
    • Each brand works very hard to develop solutions to support the multiple Use Cases, Personas, Work Styles, User Types & Environments
    • Corded and Wireless Headset options
    • USB speakerphone options
    • Multi-Connectivity options
      • Brands offer solutions for any combination of Desk Phone, Softphone and/or Mobile device
      • DECT, Bluetooth, NFC, USB-A, USB-C, 3.5mm, RJ9 options
    • Different wearing styles
      • Single and dual headband options
      • Over the ear
      • In the ear
      • Behind the neck
      • Convertible options that include multiple wearing styles
    • Security
      • All three brands make security a priority. Government, Financial, Healthcare and other industries that require the highest levels of security can rely on Plantronics, Jabra, and Sennheiser.
      • All are members of the DECT Forum and have solutions that are Security Certified
    • Support all budgets
      • All brands offer value to premium options
    • R&D
      • Plantronics, Jabra, and Sennheiser are continuously investing heavily in R&D to produce better solutions beyond headsets to support the ever-evolving communications and collaboration landscape.
    • Headset Management Software
      • As headsets become more prevalent, it’s become more critical to manage them.
      • IT Help Desks are experiencing an increase in help desk tickets requesting support for headsets
      • Headset Management Software can help IT Departments mitigate many issues before they arise
      • Plantronics, Jabra, and Sennheiser all offer Headset Management Software

Above are some of the reasons why Plantronics, Jabra, and Sennheiser are currently the top vendors however there are a plethora of other headset manufacturers/brands. Some notable brands: Logitech, Microsoft and most recently Cisco.

Other brands: Addasound, Accutone, ClearOne, JPL, Yealink, VTech, Spracht

Point is there is no shortage of options however you should consider bullets I listed before you begin your journey to choosing the right headset for your organization…


JPL Blue Commander

By Danny Hayasaka

The Blue Commander is a high-speed USB 2.0 direct plug-in professional office headset designed to work with office desk phones and any USB device. This headset is ideal for professional office and contact center users, providing better posture and flexibility throughout the day.

  • Single earpiece allowing users to confer with colleagues
  • Left / right ear side compatible
  • 60mm Smooth leatherette ear cushion
  • Supplied with high-speed USB 2.0 connector
  • 270° adjustable microphone boom
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Lightweight Headset, ~ 54g
  • Sure-fit fully adjustable headband
  • Acoustic shock protection
  • 24-month repair or replacement warranty

Why Logitech for Video Conferencing?

By Danny Hayasaka

April 24, 2018

Most people know Logitech. Many folks use Logitech Keyboards & Mice daily. But did you know Logitech offers video conferencing solutions?

Logitech is transforming video conferencing by offering an easy and affordable way to collaborate, with crystal-clear audio and razor-sharp video.

Logitech offers a variety of products that satisfy multiple use cases and environments.

Let’s start with Desktop Video! Many meetings are now conducted over web-based meeting platforms like Skype for Business, Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. Participants no longer need to meet in a specific room. Fact is, many participants now join from remote locations like their homes, hotel rooms or local coffee house.

Logitech offers a series of business grade webcams with varying fields of view and resolution:

Check out this video to see the differences:

Logitech offers these affordable conference cam solutions:

Additionally, Logitech provides complete Video Conferencing Room Solutions complete with software.

Bonus! The Logitech Spotlight is a great tool to use for presenting!

  • Spotlight in Gold or Slate (Our Top Pick)
    • Spotlight and magnify screen
    • Mouse-like cursor control
    • Logitech Presentation App – Pair Spotlight with its powerful app to set time alerts, toggle pointer mode, and customize actions.
    • Smart time management – Spotlight quietly reminds the speaker when it’s time to wrap up. The presentation remote vibrates five minutes before the end of a presentation and again when time is fully up.
    • Dual Connectivity – Connect to a computer via USB receiver or low energy Bluetooth®
    • Up to 100ft range

Through end of June you can take advantage of this awesome bundle we’ve put together!

Order MeetUp + Spotlight + C925e Webcam Bundle via for only $958.95!!! (Normally $1,129.97)