Jabra Supreme UC Evaluation

Received Jabra Supreme UC last week during EnterrpriseConnect in Orlando, FL. It is part of the Jabra Mobile series. A few of the Jabra Mobile devices have recently been made available to the CC & O (Business) side of the channel to include the Jabra Supreme UC which is the Jabra Supreme Bluetooth Headset with Bluetooth USB Dongle.

What’s In the Box:  Jabra Supreme Headset, Mini USB Bluetooth Dongle, USB Charging Cable, USB port Car Charger, AC Adapter, User Guide mini-CD

Set Up: I plugged USB dongle to free USB port on my PC. It took just a little bit for the USB device to be recognized and prepared to work. Pairing to USB dongle was very easy. Basically, I just turned Jabra Supreme “on” by flipping the mic boom out.

I have Supreme paired to my iPhone which was very easy as well. Basically, you press the “Voice Command” button on the boom and say: “Pair New Device”. It places headset into pair mode. In the iPhone select Bluetooth menu. Select Jabra SUPREME. It pairs up fairly quickly. It is iPhone compatible so you do get battery life icon on iPhone. Additionally, it is A2DP so you can stream music from your iPhone to the earpiece.

In Jabra PC Suite device is recognized as Jabra LINK 360. See screenshots to see the available functionality you have via Jabra PC Suite (Jabra Control Center).

Use: The Jabra SUPREME UC is a very easy to use Bluetooth device. You simply “flip” the mic boom out to turn the device on. Place on the ear. Once on it literally tells you “Power On”, then it will tell you, “Connected”. Because I am paired to PC and iPhone, it tells me, “Two devices connected”.

Now that you know you are connected you can answer and hang up calls by pressing the answer/hang-up button on the earpiece. This is a beta unit so I don’t know if later rev’s will change Lync Presence status while I’m on a mobile phone call. When I make a call via Lync, my Presence status does change to “In a call”.

The audio quality is good. There were some early transmit issues however, they seem to be corrected now. I’ve had multiple conference calls with the unit and the Supreme holds up well and currently, the talk time appears to hold me through the day.

Conclusion: This is a great addition to the Jabra product portfolio. It’s a great fit for the “road warrior” or any employee that prefers a smaller, sleeker form factor and is using a softphone client or mobile phone as their main mode of communication.

It was very easy to set up and use and even better if Jabra PC Suite is installed. I would recommend this device.

Plantronics Calisto P240 Review/Evaluation

By Danny Hayasaka

Received Calisto P240 a few days ago. Finally getting around to testing.

Unboxing: Standard Plantronics package/box. Contents included: Calisto P240 USB Handset, Calisto P240 Quick Start Guide, Handset drawstring bag.

First Impression: Looks like a little handset. Good size, not too small, not too big. Fits nice into my hand. Lightweight. Just one connection, USB.

Connecting: Very easy to connect. Simply plug USB cord into free USB port on PC. We use Lync for Voice. The model I have is NOT Lync Optimized version, I had to “select” P240 via Lync Client.

Use: I was able to dial “extension” on P240 and it dialed and connected call. Additionally it changed my presence status to “In a call”. The sound was actually very good and clear. I am so used to using wireless. This is not a device that I would recommend for the office user. This is a good device for someone who does NOT want to use a headset. Maybe a “Road Warrior” that can connect to his laptop to make/take softphone calls. It has a cord management Velcro strap that assists in keeping cord nice and neat. Also, the included handset bag is a great way to store handset.

I didn’t use for too long. It’s just not practical for me because I receive calls via Lync softphone, Inter-Tel desk phone and iPhone. A multi-connectivity wireless headset (like the Savi 740) better suits my needs in how I operate on a daily basis

Received VXi UC Proset 10V

Date: 1/6/12-1/13/12

By Danny Hayasaka

The launch box I received was very cool. Included the headset, letter from Mike Ferguson (President & CEO), sell sheets, sticky note pad, a chrome-VXi-labeled yo-yo and I received a bottle of champagne which is a nice touch. You can never have enough champagne and reason to celebrate.

What’s In the Box: UC Proset 10V headset, Leatherette ear cushion on headset, spare foam ear cushion and mic screen, lapel clip and instructions.

First Impression: At first glance, I said “Wow!” This is completely different than any other VXi headset. It looks like a very cool headset. It’s very light weight. Also, the cable is different than most other corded headset cables. It appears to be  a woven fabric of some sort. Like a nylon rope.

Wearing: Okay, I get a little critical here. I know it’s “new” so there is the “new” stiffness however it seems very “tight” on my head. Additionally, it doesn’t seem to be sitting comfortably on my head. I attribute that to there not being enough mobility in ear piece (speaker). I’ve worn for about an hour now and the tightness on my head is a bit uncomfortable. We use Microsoft Lync so I’m connected to my PC via the VXi X200 USB adapter. My PC tower is located under my desk. So I have to connect the X200 USB cable basically on the floor and the X200 seems to “pull” on the headset causing discomfort. I disconnected the X200 and that appears to be a major cause to the level of wearing discomfort I was feeling.

Possible breakpoint

Sound Quality: Received call via Lync. I was able to use the X200 inline control to answer call. It also changed my presence status when I was “in a call”. The sound quality was very good. I was also able to mute using the X200 inline control. My transmission level was good according to the caller.  My receive volume was pretty good. So pretty good sound quality.

Additional Comments:  I noticed a potential break point. It’s actually already breaking a little where the headband slides in and out. There seems to be an area of stress there. There is no give at ear piece. I’ll continue wearing for at least rest of day and report in later.

End of Day: The headset does lose its “stiffness” after a couple hours of use. The sound quality has remained steady and good so far.

Day 2: Again, the initial stiffness seems to have gone away.  The mic is not like their traditional mics in terms of placement. It seems further away and I can’t seem to “move” it. It’s pretty fixed. However, I haven’t had any complaints in terms of my transmit quality and volume level.

Day 4: All is well. The sound quality is still good. The comfort level has improved  (or I’ve just gotten use to it).

Day 6: After about a week of use the headset definitely feels more comfortable. I really like the woven fabric cable and wonder if they can make other cables using that same material. The headset continued to work well with our Microsoft Lync client. Because I have grown so accustomed to wireless, I’d reach up to the ear piece to answer whenever I would get a call. Even after a week of using, I still do that. Also, it was hard for me to get use to the cord and I realized quickly why I like being wireless so much more.

Closing Comments: The VXI UC Proset should be well received in contact centers who already use corded headsets. In the office space, if there are employees using corded headsets, this may be a nice option based on its appearance. It’s going to be critical to inform customers that headset will take a few days to “loosen up”. I utilized with Microsoft Lync and it worked well. No issues with sound (Receive or Transmit). I really like the material and feel of the cable. It is a “cool” looking headset. Pricing seems to be competitive.  This product definitely needs to be sent out to customers to “try”.

Jabra PRO 930 – Evaluation

Date of Receipt: 10/13/11

Date of Eval Completion: 10/19/11

Model: Jabra PRO 930 USB (930-65-503-105) Optimized for Microsoft Lync

Set Up

Set up is fairly simple. There are only two cables to connect; the AC power to outlet or power strip and USB cable to PC or laptop USB port. Additionally, I have Jabra PC Suite installed.


We have Microsoft Lync so the PRO 930 was recognized once connected to USB port and became one of my device choices (I also have PRO 9470, Savi 740 and CX600 connected to the same PC). I charged for about an hour before I began to use.


 Jabra PC Suite


Wearing Styles

I wore it headband style. It’s comfortable. Pretty standard headband fit. Replaced to ear hook for today. Changing from headband to earhook was fairly simple. Snap off the headband and snap on earhook. I personally am not a fan of over-the-ear. So far it’s comfortable. I’ll see how it feels after a full day of wear. Changing wearing from right to left ear was also fairly easy. May want to consider including instructions on how to change earhook from right to left ear. A first-time headset wearer may not know you can pull the ear hook off and I didn’t see anything in the hard copy Quick Start Guide.

Sound Quality

I have made and taken calls. The speaker volume is good. You do have to remember where the “+” and “-“ keys are depending on whether you are wearing it on the right or left ear. If on right ear “+” is the top button. If on left, it’s the bottom button.  The transmission volume and sound is good. I did have one instance where I “cut out” for a brief moment. For now, we’re attributing that to the internet connection. It hasn’t happened since. The noise-canceling microphone is sufficient for my work environment. It suppresses background noise.


I don’t have exact range however I am able to roam around the entire 2nd floor of our office without losing the call or the sound quality degrading. From my desk to the end of one corner of our building is about 60ft. It’s about 90ft-110ft to the other corner of our office.


It’s a clean design with a small footprint that doesn’t take up much desktop real estate. I have worn now for a few days both headband and over the ear style. Both styles are relatively comfortable but I prefer headband style and is comfortable and light enough to be worn for an 8hr work day. I’ve only had a few days so I can’t answer to durability but so far so good.



Overall the Jabra PRO 930 appears to be a very good product. It’s easy to set up, use and operate. It’s comfortable and light enough to be worn all day. I haven’t seen pricing on this yet. Pricing will be a fairly

VXi V100 Wireless Headset & L50 Handset Lifter Review

Dates: 1/6/10 – 1/11/10

By: Danny Hayasaka, Call One, Inc.

Packaging – I have a beta unit so I’m not certain if the actual production models will be packaged in plain white boxes however, in order to keep costs down, it may.

Included in the V100 box was the V100 base station, headset, ear hook, headband, neckband, telephone line splitter, base jack cable (mod to mod), tel wall jack cable (fat mod plugs), ac power supply and standard patch cable (mod to mod).

Included in the L50 box was the lifter, ring detector and anti slip pad.

Set Up – I normally don’t read through the instructions (I try and behave like the majority of typical customers) however all the various cables and unique design of the lifter had me scratching my head so I briefly skimmed through the instruction manuals.

Initially I tried to set up like all the other current wireless headsets on the market. The “base jack” cable did NOT work. I used the standard patch cable and also had to go through the switch settings and found that on our InterTel phones, Switch Settings B and D seem to work.

The L50 Lifter is very different when compared to the current handset lifters in the market. Instead of “lifting” the handset, it’s a plunger that presses the hookswitch button on the phone. There are a couple moving parts so it took some trials and adjusting to get it just right. I will say that it appears to work much faster than current lifters on the market.

Wearing Styles – I personally prefer the neckband wearing style. The earpiece can be changed to be worn on the left or right ear. Not certain if the production model will be better built but after a few changes from the left to right, the earpiece no longer stays in place and pops right out.  It seems to have worn out the groove that holds it in place. The headband is fairly standard and works like it should, it’s easily adjusted for left or right ear wear. The earhook is okay however I’m not certain it will be for everyone since there is a non-removable tip that enters the ear. When I wore over the ear, it was comfortable at first however after a few hours the eartip portion began to cause some pain & discomfort.

Test Calls – A test call to an internal extension yielded the switch setting results of B and D. I made a call to an outside line to simple test if I could hear and be heard. I did make some adjustment to the mic volume via the controls on the base unit.

Range – I was able to go throughout the entire 2nd Floor of our building. I literally walked to each corner on the top floor and was still able to hear and be heard. I lost connection when I went into our Shipping Dept which is on the 1st floor of this building.

Normal Work Day Use – The battery life is sufficient to last the entire day. While I am away from desk, I do get an audible beeping when my phone rings and can answer remotely with no problems. The sound quality is good in both receive and transmit. I haven’t lost any calls and I can’t stress how “fast” the lifter answers and hangs up. It’s the fastest one I’ve used to date.

Final Thoughts – In terms of competing in the today’s marketplace, the VXi V100 appears to be a direct competitor to the very popular Plantronics CS55. In a side by side comparison, the VXi V100 appears to be the better value/choice.

CS55 & HL10 V100 & L50
MSRP: $379.95 MSRP: $350.00
Operating Frequency: 1.9GHz DECT Operating Frequency: 1.9GHz DECT
Talk Time: Up to 10hrs Talk Time: Up to 10hrs
Standby Time: Up to 50hrs Standby Time: Up to 120hrs
Range: Up to 300ft Range: Up to 300ft
Wearing Styles: Over the ear, headband, (Optional neckband sold separately @ $19.95ea) Wearing Styles: Over the ear, headband & neckband all included
Conference Capability: none Conference Capability: Ability to conference two headsets on one base station


Jabra T5330 Review

– By Danny Hayasaka


Packaging – Retail

It looks wonderful however as a distributor I would prefer bulk packaging.


Set Up – I’ve set up many, many headsets in my day so this was fairly easy. One of the different things about this unit is, according to the User’s Guide (yes, I’m a nerd and read it), you can actually connect directly to the headset port of phones that have one.


Instead of the switch settings A-G like other GN Netcom wireless units and amplifiers, there are only A, B, C on the underside of the base. The “transmit” control switch is also on the underside and has level’s 1-3. You can connect the GN1000 RHL to this model which is nice.


The headset itself has an answer/hang-up button, “receive” volume control (must be on call to adjust) and mute switch.