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What’s the difference between ANC and NC?

By Danny Hayasaka August 14, 2019 Every day I hear customers requesting “ANC” or “NC” headsets. Some know the difference however many don’t. It’s kind of like “Bluetooth”. To some, “Bluetooth” simply means “wireless”. Whether it’s DECT, 2.4Ghz, 900Mhz is irrelevant to them. They want a “Bluetooth (Wireless)” headset. For this blog, I’m talking about […]

What’s the difference between CS500 series & Savi Series?

By Danny Hayasaka April 10, 2019 Does your business need the popular Plantronics (Now Poly) CS500 Series wireless headsets or Savi Series? What’s the difference? Plantronics (Now Poly) produces wireless headsets that increase productivity by providing mobility in the office and multiple connectivity options to support how you work. The CS500 Series consists of DECT […]