Much more comfortable ear hook for Sennheiser SD Office, DW Office and D10!!!

By Danny Hayasaka

April 25, 2016

No one can complain about Sennheiser’s audio quality. However, many customers did complain about the over the ear wearing style for their convertible wireless headset models.

Sennheiser has remedied this by developing and producing a new more comfortable ear hook for the SD Office, DW Office, and D10 variants.

It’s the NEW HAS 20 Ear Hook, Adapter and earbuds set. Product Code: 506524

What’s in the package? Ear Hook, Adapter and 3 sets of earbuds: Small, Medium and Large

Attaching the adapter to Sennehiser Office series headset “a snap”. You can easily switch from right ear to left ear wearing style simply by changing the Ear Hook itself.

The earbuds are easy to change out as well.

I really dig the thin super soft leatherette sleeve wrapped around ear hook. Makes for more comfortable wearing.

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about trying a Sennheiser SD Office or D10 because of the over-the-ear wearing style. Here’s an opportunity for you to revisit.

And I’m not even an over the ear fan. I personally prefer in the ear, behind the neck or headband. This was so lightweight I barely noticed I had it on.

Jabra PRO 900 Series Wireless Headsets – Simple, Reliable, Affordable

By Danny Hayasaka

April 21, 2016

Wireless headsets are much more prevalent in the workspace. I remember many, many years ago the first wireless headsets by ACS then GN Netcom. And of course, Plantronics joined in and took the market by storm. Now all major headset manufacturers offer wireless solutions. I remember how hard it was to get businesses other than call centers to even consider trying corded headsets.

When wireless headsets finally became affordable we couldn’t keep enough on our shelves. There is no question wireless headsets increase productivity. What’s been happening over the past decade is a shift in how businesses/people communicate and collaborate. Most businesses don’t have just one method. They have desk phones, softphones, web-based collaboration platforms and of course mobile devices.

Wireless headset manufacturers began developing multi-connectivity wireless headset options to fit the varying connectivity requirements. While extremely beneficial for multiple businesses…there is still a need for a more simple solution.

Jabra offers the PRO 900 Series. What I like about this series is the simplicity. They are easy to set up and use. They have great talk time, very good audio quality and well… they just work.

I think customers/vendors sometimes forget this series exists. I also think there is some confusion with the multiple PRO 900 Series variants. I’ll try and simplify.

The PRO 900 Series has four main connectivity options:

  1. Desk Phone
    1. Jabra PRO 920 Mono
    2. Jabra PRO 920 Duo
    3. Jabra PRO 925 Single Connectivity
  2. Softphone
    1. Jabra PRO 930 UC Mono
    2. Jabra PRO 930 UC Duo
    3. Jabra PRO 930 Mono for Microsoft Lync/SfB
    4. Jabra PRO 930 Duo for Microsoft Lync/SfB
    5. Jabra PRO 935 Single Connectivity
    6. Jabra PRO 935 Single Connectivity for Microsoft Lync/SfB
  3. Desk Phone and Mobile
    1. Jabra PRO 925 Dual Connectivity
  4. Softphone and Mobile
    1. Jabra PRO 935 Dual Connectivity
    2. Jabra PRO 935 Dual Connectivity optimized for Microsoft Lync/SfB

Why so many variants? Jabra recognizes the increase in wireless headset use. To help address wireless density issues, they offer DECT and Bluetooth options. If the model ends in “0” it’s DECT. If the model ends in “5” it’s Bluetooth. The Jabra PRO 920 Mono is DECT. The PRO 935 Single Connectivity would be Bluetooth.

Now that you know which models are which…here’s what makes the PRO 900 Series winners:

  • TALK TIME!!!
    • Up to 8hrs – PRO 920 and PRO 930 variants
    • Up to 12hrs – PRO 925 and PRO 935 variants
  • Conference up to 4 Headsets on one base
    • Great for Training purposes and multi-shift scenarios
  • Supports EHS Cables (sold separately)
    • Cisco, Avaya, Polycom, Toshiba to name a few
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Mono Variants Convertible
    • Headband and Over the ear (This is probably my only con. Ear hook, not the most comfortable if worn for long periods of time – at least for me)
  • Dual Connectivity Variants
    • Desk Phone and Mobile
    • Softphone and Mobile – It just works. Once mobile is paired it connects as soon as you are in proximity automatically
  • Really Good Audio Quality
    • I’ve had no complaints in reference to receive volume
    • Audio is clearly heard
    • Transmit quality also good – no negative feedback
  • And of course… THE LOW PRICE!

If you are in search of a simple, good quality wireless headset that just works at a low price….then you need to check out the Jabra PRO 900 Series…




Blackwire C215/ C225 Review

By Danny Hayasaka

April 6, 2016

The reality is just about every employee uses a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). While there are scores of Bluetooth headsets, sometimes customers are in search of a corded, lower cost option that offers durability and great audio quality.

The Plantronics Blackwire 200 Series offers just that with these two variants:

What’s in the Box: First off, there is no box. Headsets come packaged in plastic bag. You get the single or dual ear headset and a Quick Start Guide.

At first glance: They look just like the Plantronics Blackwire 310 and 320. Of course upon closer inspection you’ll find they are not USB. They terminate in a 3.5mm plug.

Set Up & Use: Really not much to it. Plug into 3.5mm jack of mobile phone or tablet and you are connected. Please note if connected to PC via Soundcard its listen only. No transmit. It’s nice for listening to webinars or streaming media. The headset is lightweight and speakers feel comfortable. The mic is flexible so you can bend so it’s closer to your mouth for optimal noise canceling. The headband is adjustable to fit most folks.

What I really dig is the inline control. It has an answer/hang up button, mute switch (you can visibly see “red” when muted) and even volume control.

Other nice feature for easy storage and portability is the speakers fold flat.

The audio quality is really good especially with dual ear model if listening to music. Reminder about the inline volume control. I had inline volume on low initially and wasn’t digging audio quality. Then I turned up the volume and that made huge difference.

I made several test calls to include stationary while sitting on my desk and also walking around the office. The noise canceling mic is ok. Good enough especially for sub $40 headset with inline controls.

Overall this is a nice addition to the Plantronics portfolio in terms of having multiple options/solutions for the ever changing communications and collaboration landscape. More and more workers are using their mobile devices to communicate and collaborate. Some like the stability a headband headset offers vs smaller in the ear or over the ear Bluetooth solutions. Some companies don’t allow Bluetooth at all so the Plantronics Blackwire C215/ C225 are good options.