Jabra Supreme UC Evaluation

Received Jabra Supreme UC last week during EnterrpriseConnect in Orlando, FL. It is part of the Jabra Mobile series. A few of the Jabra Mobile devices have recently been made available to the CC & O (Business) side of the channel to include the Jabra Supreme UC which is the Jabra Supreme Bluetooth Headset with Bluetooth USB Dongle.

What’s In the Box:  Jabra Supreme Headset, Mini USB Bluetooth Dongle, USB Charging Cable, USB port Car Charger, AC Adapter, User Guide mini-CD

Set Up: I plugged USB dongle to free USB port on my PC. It took just a little bit for the USB device to be recognized and prepared to work. Pairing to USB dongle was very easy. Basically, I just turned Jabra Supreme “on” by flipping the mic boom out.

I have Supreme paired to my iPhone which was very easy as well. Basically, you press the “Voice Command” button on the boom and say: “Pair New Device”. It places headset into pair mode. In the iPhone select Bluetooth menu. Select Jabra SUPREME. It pairs up fairly quickly. It is iPhone compatible so you do get battery life icon on iPhone. Additionally, it is A2DP so you can stream music from your iPhone to the earpiece.

In Jabra PC Suite device is recognized as Jabra LINK 360. See screenshots to see the available functionality you have via Jabra PC Suite (Jabra Control Center).

Use: The Jabra SUPREME UC is a very easy to use Bluetooth device. You simply “flip” the mic boom out to turn the device on. Place on the ear. Once on it literally tells you “Power On”, then it will tell you, “Connected”. Because I am paired to PC and iPhone, it tells me, “Two devices connected”.

Now that you know you are connected you can answer and hang up calls by pressing the answer/hang-up button on the earpiece. This is a beta unit so I don’t know if later rev’s will change Lync Presence status while I’m on a mobile phone call. When I make a call via Lync, my Presence status does change to “In a call”.

The audio quality is good. There were some early transmit issues however, they seem to be corrected now. I’ve had multiple conference calls with the unit and the Supreme holds up well and currently, the talk time appears to hold me through the day.

Conclusion: This is a great addition to the Jabra product portfolio. It’s a great fit for the “road warrior” or any employee that prefers a smaller, sleeker form factor and is using a softphone client or mobile phone as their main mode of communication.

It was very easy to set up and use and even better if Jabra PC Suite is installed. I would recommend this device.