Jabra T5330 Review

– By Danny Hayasaka


Packaging – Retail

It looks wonderful however as a distributor I would prefer bulk packaging.


Set Up – I’ve set up many, many headsets in my day so this was fairly easy. One of the different things about this unit is, according to the User’s Guide (yes, I’m a nerd and read it), you can actually connect directly to the headset port of phones that have one.


Instead of the switch settings A-G like other GN Netcom wireless units and amplifiers, there are only A, B, C on the underside of the base. The “transmit” control switch is also on the underside and has level’s 1-3. You can connect the GN1000 RHL to this model which is nice.


The headset itself has an answer/hang-up button, “receive” volume control (must be on call to adjust) and mute switch.